Saturday, August 13, 2016

Serial Communication Using LabVIEW

I think most of you are aware of LabVIEW, this is a very handy tool for engineers, one can easily plot graphs and can work on different hardware modules with it. One of the best feature of LabVIEW is its extensive help desk and support forum. There are many examples present in it which are ready to run and can help a lot.
I faced many problems while working on LabVIEW but trust me their support forum is very helpful and most of my problems are solved in a day or twice.

Let’s start today’s post, in today’s post we will show you how to communicate with Serial (RS232) devices using LabVIEW. Now, follow the below steps carefully and if you find any trouble anywhere, let me know in comments and I will try my best to sort them out.

NI VISA driver is used for serial communication, without this software you can't communicate with the serial port of your computer in LabVIEW.

The following VI developed in LabVIEW can communicate with the Serial Devices. 
The front panel of VI is as follow.
VI Front Panel
VI Block Diagram
Have a look at this video, to know how the VI works

Download the LabVIEW VI by clicking here.
Once you understand this, you can proceed with making much complex and generic VI's in LabVIEW.
The following video shows how LabVIEW takes data from LabVIEW, though it looks simple but the block diagram of the VI is much complex, because the design in generic.

The block diagram for the VI shown in the video is given below, once you get familiar you can much more than this.